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Legend has it that there was a Vega, and an altair. Weaver and traction

Bovine agree in opinion, have mutual affinity. However, law of law are not allowed to man and a woman, to love. Weaver is the Jade Emperor and yao ji 's daughter, mother will go to morning glory again, Weaver kept weaving brocade as punishment.

Weaver's work, is to use a magic silk loom to weave layers in the beautiful clouds, along with time and different seasons and changing their color, this is " tink ". Since the morning glory was demoted after weaver, often in tears, bend the brows Miss morning glory. She sat near the loom stop weave beautiful brocade with a view to win the great compassion, let the morning glory early return to heaven.

One day, a few fairy begged Wang Mu to go to the world Yiyou green lotus pool, Wang Mu today mood right, he promised them. They see the Vega all depressed, went to the queen mother. Let Weaver common to the queen mother love, also was later granddaughter, will make them come to.

Morning glory was demoted after saying, was born in a peasant family, named cowherd. Later his parents died, he was followed by his brother. His brother to be the very harsh, and he breaks up, gave him an old ox and an old car, the other is that his brother and sister-in-law exclusive. Then, he and the separation. Since then, the Cowherd and the old together, they in the wilderness trail, till the land, build houses.

One or two years later, they create a small home, can barely live from hand to mouth. But, except for the dumb ox and outside, deserted house only when a person, live a quite lonely.

The cowherd did not know, the old cow is heaven taurus. To this day, old ox suddenly spoke, it said: " the cowherd cowherd,#p##e# today you go green lotus pool a, there are some Fairies in take a shower, you take the Red Fairy clothes to hide, in the Red Fairy Dress fairy will become your wife. " See the old cowboy mouth words, strange, happy, he asked: " cattle brother, you really can talk? What you say is true? " Cow nodded, then quietly hide in the green lotus pool, reeds, waiting for the coming of the fairies. After a while, the fairies really elegant drifts off light, Luo clothes, leap into the stream. Cowboy from reed ran out, took the Red Fairy clothing. The fairies to see somebody comes, all have to wear their own clothes, like a bird flew away, leaving no clothes can't escape the fairy, she is the girl weaver. Weaver see his immortal by a guy robbed, shame and anxious, but feel helpless. Then, the cowherd walked up, said to her, she promised to be his wife, he can give her clothes. Weaver began to see, know the cowherd is his want of Petunia, then to promise him. Thus, Vega would do the cowboy's wife.

After they marry, men tilling the farm and womenweaving, be deeply attached to each other, to live very happy. Soon, they gave birth to a son and a daughter, very cute. They thought to be lifelong, reach old age. But, she knew it, fly, God will be immediately sent to catch back to the celestial palace accusing weaver. To this day, Weaver was cooking, next to the cowboy hurried, inflamed eyes told Weaver: " cattle brother died, he said to me before he died, after his death, his leather stripping down, some day in the future, with it, you can fly to heaven. " Weaver girl listens, wondered, she knew, old sky is Taurus, only because of who was banished from the morning to speak a few words of justice, also under the heaven. How it will suddenly die? Vega would allow Niulang off leather, a proper burial of water buffaloes.

At this moment, the sky storm divine troops descending from heaven, drop from the clouds, no time is allowed for explanation., escorted Vega wou#p##e#ld fly up in the sky. Are flying, flying, Weaver heard the voice: "weaver, wait for me! " They looked back, saw the cowboy with a pair of baskets, carrying two people, dressed leather came. Slowly, the distance between them is more and more close, the weaver can see children cute, the children are with open arms, shouting "Mom ", seeing, the cowboy and the weaver girl to meet. But then, she drove the auspicious clouds came, she pulled out her head to figure, among them total, all of a sudden, a milky way the waves roll across the Vega and Altair, unable to cross the.

They looked at the Milky way the Cowherd and the sons and daughters, straight cry shout oneself hoarse, the Cowherd and the children cried half alive. They cry, the children a sound " mother " shouts, was so anxious cleft gall, copy from rolia, even in a wait-and-see fairy, the gods felt sad sad, not to have the heart. She saw the scene, also a little for the faithful love touched, they agreed to let the Cowherd and the children left in the sky, every July 7th, let them meet again. Since then, the Cowherd and his children lived in heaven, separated by a distance across the Milky way, and weaver. In the autumn the stars in the sky, we still can see the Milky way on both sides have two big star, bright shining, that is the Vega and altair. And Altair together and the two small stars, that is home to a boy and a girl.

Cowboy Weaver meet in July 7th, numerous groups of magpies flying bridge for them. On the bridge, the reunion! Vega and Altair is relative, cuddled their children, there are countless words to say, there are endless love to talk to!

Later, every lunar July and, according to legend Cowboy Weaver meet Bridge day, girls will come to the ideal setting for a couple in love, look up at the stars, look for the Milky way on both sides of the Altair and Vega, hope to see them once a year meeting, begging God to make their own as a weaver that have clever hands and good#p##e# sense, to pray to have their own wishful heart happy marriage and beautiful love, resulting in the July 7th day. ( the annual meeting, the sky one day, underground for a year, so the day. )

this story contains a matriarchal society of the core values, is the maternal family rearing children, her husband only from time to time to reunite with his wife and children. It has a long history.















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